Sunday, January 4, 2009

No poo-poos

We're back. The season of tiny items, large appetites and eratic climate has come to a close. I'll admit, this installation is merely an attempt to put another fresh mark up there on the blog-board. I haven't much to report other than the fact that this is the last week to some before I'm a graduate student. I will soak up the leisurely mornings and the last phase of stay-at-home-motherhood.
My folks brought Ryan, River and I out to a great timberlodge music venue called Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe. I'll post some links shortly. We checked out a local band who has incredible strings chops. The play original and traditional bluegrass and will be performing at our wedding event in June. The band is called Cabinet, and I will also post their appropriate links when I'm less lazy.

This photo is of Ryan entertaining River by chasing down plastic balls from a machine that shoots them spastically to the beat of Pop Goes the Weasel. Good times.