Monday, March 23, 2009

Atlast, I've returned to you...

It has been in excess of three months. The entire winter has passed, to be exact.
I've been in full tilt graduate schooling; which I thrive on and soak up like a hungry
babe. Speaking of babes, River is almost eight months old these days and is turning
out to be quite the music-lover. The most minor provocations in the form of whistling,
multi-genre jams, and singing urges him to rock and sway or "swirl" in a very gyrating
wormlike movement.

I've also been in full-tilt wedding planning, and it seems that this event is really shaping
up. Today I starting entering the text of my invitations and linked this blog. It hit me
that I haven't even looked at this blog... the cobwebs were thick, needless to say.

I will soon be uploading many details about vendors, directions, lodging details.

For those of you who will attend and bring your babies; grown and small, we have
arranged that there will be two sitters to take them from the ceremony to the local
accomodations (locations TBD, we have three blocked hotels) where they can use
the pool or watch movies and hang out. Kids are welcome, but I want parents to
feel free and encouraged to "let loose" at the bluegrass reception wherein their
kids could be more entertained at the hotel... we'll need to know how many there
are we'll need to get more sitters in gear.

I'll add more on this to come. More on all things.

I missed this.