Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Techie Travellors

Hi All,

you may have noticed that Friedman Farms website does link up directions from a few major hubs.
It doesn't, however, list the actual address for GPS purposes. That address, for those of you who do use navigators and web mapping systems is:

138 Wyoming Road
Dallas, PA 18612

I've found no troubles using my Verizon Navigator when plugging this in. One tricky thing is that when returning from the barn (if you aren't staying at the hotel and using, please, our shuttle services) is that the first turn you'd make is onto Krispin Road; it becomes Manor Rd. and is listed as such on the GPS's.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me or my folks:

I'm eager to see y'all so soon,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Registry Revision

Hi all darlings and not-so-darling today (such as myself),

I've been overwhelmed with my own makings, but I have had some
awakenings with the help of my blog visitors notification.

As may be clear I never have registered with the Pottery Barn and
never registered all that many items with Williams and Sonoma.
If I could have it my way I'd ask for a registry with my favorite
antique mall in Allentown called Weil... at (I think).

I wanted to say this, though:

we encourage and welcome gift cards from IKEA and HOME DEPOT. We would
have no trouble putting such items to use.

It is a sincere hope of mine to include more links, but I have never made
the noble effort of knowing the process of doing so and have tried multiple
times to upload links and images with great strain... leading to a general
shoulder shrugging. Atleast I can stick in my own text with no SNAFU's.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hi all,

This may be the only resource to connect folks to the registry information for our upcoming wedding. I assume that some of you have received your invitations and are wondering about details.

To be brief as "brevity is the soul of wit", althought there is little to be clever about in such a cut and dry posting:

1. Target
2. Williams and Sonoma
3. Pottery Barn

I had considered including a bond option for River but was urged by the parental figures that we need things for our home so desperately as Ryan and I were never really settled to gather the necessary tools for a household.

I look forward to seeing everyone this summer. I will post more interestingly soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Atlast, I've returned to you...

It has been in excess of three months. The entire winter has passed, to be exact.
I've been in full tilt graduate schooling; which I thrive on and soak up like a hungry
babe. Speaking of babes, River is almost eight months old these days and is turning
out to be quite the music-lover. The most minor provocations in the form of whistling,
multi-genre jams, and singing urges him to rock and sway or "swirl" in a very gyrating
wormlike movement.

I've also been in full-tilt wedding planning, and it seems that this event is really shaping
up. Today I starting entering the text of my invitations and linked this blog. It hit me
that I haven't even looked at this blog... the cobwebs were thick, needless to say.

I will soon be uploading many details about vendors, directions, lodging details.

For those of you who will attend and bring your babies; grown and small, we have
arranged that there will be two sitters to take them from the ceremony to the local
accomodations (locations TBD, we have three blocked hotels) where they can use
the pool or watch movies and hang out. Kids are welcome, but I want parents to
feel free and encouraged to "let loose" at the bluegrass reception wherein their
kids could be more entertained at the hotel... we'll need to know how many there
are we'll need to get more sitters in gear.

I'll add more on this to come. More on all things.

I missed this.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No poo-poos

We're back. The season of tiny items, large appetites and eratic climate has come to a close. I'll admit, this installation is merely an attempt to put another fresh mark up there on the blog-board. I haven't much to report other than the fact that this is the last week to some before I'm a graduate student. I will soak up the leisurely mornings and the last phase of stay-at-home-motherhood.
My folks brought Ryan, River and I out to a great timberlodge music venue called Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe. I'll post some links shortly. We checked out a local band who has incredible strings chops. The play original and traditional bluegrass and will be performing at our wedding event in June. The band is called Cabinet, and I will also post their appropriate links when I'm less lazy.

This photo is of Ryan entertaining River by chasing down plastic balls from a machine that shoots them spastically to the beat of Pop Goes the Weasel. Good times.