Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm cutting it all off tomorrow...

my hair, naturally. I must go. I haven't made a drastic cut since the summer of 2004 when I dodged into a Supercuts on a Sunday, made a fifteen minute appointment, drank a few afternoon coctails and had it shaved from the waist to the stock.
I was learning to ride a motorcycle at the time... I'll post a shot of the bike, now sold, in upcoming posts.. and tutoring a little boy to read at a little country library. The shaved head was shocking out there in Chimacum, WA in spite of the proximity to a very post-grunge Seattle.
I won't have it shaved tomorrow; especially not in a record-breaking cold winter, but I'm going for something trendy, short and kempt. My friend Molly went from shoulder-length to the cropped and is still going strong. I've been always either boy-cut trimmed or long or in transition from both. Atlast, however, I'm going to try something daringly in the middle. I don't mean to be a bore with this endless unveiling of my hair history and future, but I even dreampt about hair. So, clearly, this is a serious affair. I even trimmed up Ryan's beard and head with great satisfaction, but to no total slaking.

I wish you all well... and will dote on my friends who don't read my blog with each snip.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today I explored some houses on the market, as I'm getting the itch to own in such a Buyer's Market.
I found a potentiially great place complete with functional barn, 4 acres, and well kept farmhouse.
We'll see what the loanage produces.
I will continue to update my link list with some catering and florist details for the upcoming ceremony if there is interest out there. I don't have much else ot add here. Sorry to be a bore. This photo, however, expresses a lively time... the aforementioned event hostede my Ms. Naomi in Brooklyn. It includes; Ryan and River, myself, Emi, Ray and Gabi. My dear old friends renewed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JASNA - Happy Birthday Jane Austin

Today is Jane Austin's 133rd birthday. She died at the age of 42, actually, which was the forcefully favored number of a grade school friend of mine. KP loved the number 42 and anything Giraffe. Today, Jane's birthday is celebrated with tea (and Debenshire cream, naturally) and luncheoning the world-over. Promptly,I must return a pile of books to the little library in the area, and I need a new book. I am grimacing as I admit this, being a recognized reader of classics, but I have never read an Austin. There is really no reason for my neglect. Today, I will pick one up. Afterall, this may be my last bout of fiction leisure for a while.
Today;s photo is of a collection, a menagerie rather, of bridal cake-toppers enshrined in a magical museum called Tinkertown in the Sandia Mts. east of Albuquerque.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Bigger Apple, Brooklyn

Hi all,

Ryan, River and I arrived rurally home at about 11 last night after a comfrotable two-hour trip from Naomi's festive gathering. This morning I transfered funds, paid a guy to deliver some oil to our home, composted, nursed, made billing arrangements with the bursar and health care... but last night, on our drive home, I smiled at the wheel to think of how wonderful my old Parson's comrades still are. I suppose I never doubted that everyone would still have the same way of moving, talking, general wardrobe, unique and desirable quirks. I do know that I feared for myself at that time when I made my break from New York in the beginning of 2001; feared that I would change in a way I didn't like over time. It warms my heart in the most fuzzy and dorky of semtimental Robert Frosty ways to feel still so connected to some of you. I love that I am so close and hope that those of you who appreciate rural escapism can consider me an outlet. There is a bus from the city to Kutztown Campus - three miles from my home and the site of my upcoming graduate program. I will add a link with the details when I locate it.
Ryan was gracious to allow me to soak it all up last night, in spite of his morning habits in ruin, but he admitted his own enjoyment at the company of Naomi's great gathering. One final note, mainly for Naomi, I was glad to have joined you early in the day to spend that needed time apart, and I will upload the photos as they are completely taken and developed. You were smashing.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Times Squared

Hi all,

yesterday, my family and I were decorating our slain Douglas Fir, sipping decadant beer, and watching "It's a Wonderful Life" ala VCR. Tonight we are recovering from a trip, via the F train from Brooklyn, to Times Square and Rockefeller Center. The tree didn't have loads of tacky ornaments so paled in comparison to our own personal fir, but it was wildly lit... in spite of the bumper to stroller to old far to friendly MTV fanatic traffic to get the hell out of there after taking a few camera phone shots it was a treat. We ate great cubano food in Carroll Gardens and went baby boutique shopping. Now it's back to back Coen Brother's and a planned bath with the baby in Brooklyn bathwater.
Tomorrow I will see my old Parson's alumni - though I skipped town before my own graduation only to do so in Seattle. Some of these folks that I'll introduce my hubby and son to tomorrow I haven't seen in ten years. For Auld Lang Syne.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Atlast, Online at home...

This morning, the husband wasn't called in to work. So, atlast, I was able to indulge in pancakes, sausage links and eggs at a diner that I'd been eyeing for weeks.
River slept through the eating ordeal, but he celebrated his alertness at the Reading Vanity Fair Outlets... shopped for his cousin and for winter accoutrements.
New tradition that isn't so original but heart-warming to a fault: decorating the tree with antique ornaments before the picture window with ales and "It's a Wonderful Life."

But seriously, this blog is originally conceived on the guise of informing those who will attend my upcoming wedding/renewal of the vows next June. Stay tuned.