Thursday, May 21, 2009

Registry Revision

Hi all darlings and not-so-darling today (such as myself),

I've been overwhelmed with my own makings, but I have had some
awakenings with the help of my blog visitors notification.

As may be clear I never have registered with the Pottery Barn and
never registered all that many items with Williams and Sonoma.
If I could have it my way I'd ask for a registry with my favorite
antique mall in Allentown called Weil... at (I think).

I wanted to say this, though:

we encourage and welcome gift cards from IKEA and HOME DEPOT. We would
have no trouble putting such items to use.

It is a sincere hope of mine to include more links, but I have never made
the noble effort of knowing the process of doing so and have tried multiple
times to upload links and images with great strain... leading to a general
shoulder shrugging. Atleast I can stick in my own text with no SNAFU's.